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The inclusion of vibrant colors and upbeat music really appeal to me! Additionally, there is a great deal of attention payed to fine detail throughout it. I feel that this adds to the uniqueness of the trans zone. Overall, this is very well designed and I love that it touches on deeper issues like transphobia and body dysphoria!


Beautiful game with entrancing music holding a very relatable discussion about genderfeels and the anxieties and euphorias we experience as trans people. I had a small amount of issues figuring out how to start, which could likely be remedied with a small starting pop-up reminding the player of the controls and actively telling them to progress dialogue to continue. There were a handful of dialogue boxes where the text either cut off at the end by the dialogue box, or the text had been pushed up out of the box and was cut off by the screen. This is also something I noticed in the hormones menu. (a save feature would be neat, but totally unnecessary)

In spite of the very superficial issues I encountered, I easily endorse this game for ANY trans person looking to wander around a land of gorgeous pixel art and gender weirdness! Which should be all of us imo, lol ^_^

i really enjoyed playing this! i don't think i fully completed everything as far as going back and talking to others but the skill tree gave me a nice tool to process some transition stuff i've been thinking about a lot lately. definitely recommend for a nice music and some gameplay to help you think about the internal stuff behind the physical transition


I would really like to play, but I have a visual disability and the colors make it impossible for me to see... congrats on the game, though!!

I more accessible one would be extremely cool.
I also have (transient) visual issues, so I might be able to play it on a good day, but I love when games implement accessibility into unique style.

Perhaps this can be worked on for this project or in future ones.

I'm having an issue where when i launch the game it's stuck on the first line of dialogue asking assigned gender at birth and no options pop up, im on windows 10 if anyone knows a fix

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I was also stuck. You have to press the E key a few times


Does this game have an ending? I've gotten to the beach/forest, only have 3 spots on the binary side of the hormone tree left, keep looping around to all the past rooms and talking to everyone again but nothing changes. 

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fell thru the floor because i went to a forbidden corner and the game rebooted and i couldnt do anything so i had to task manager outta there and BRUH aint that being trans or what. A+++++ gameplay experience execution


i'm not even out yet but, this rlly feels authentic, and its incredible. the art and music are super cute too <3


thank you so much for making this! i'm still at the beginning (of both the game and my transition), but i really like it so far (see above)! XP

just one thing: because you have the OST marked as being linux/mac/android compatible, the game is showing as available for linux/mac/android in the directory. it runs okay in wine, so it wasn't a problem for me, but you might wanna take a look at that :3

hi! i'm trying to get the game to run in wine. if you see this, could you let me know if you had to do any extra configuration? nothing happens when i try to run it (on mac high sierra). thanks! :)

if i remember correctly, it worked out of the box under wine on arch linux. not sure what could be going wrong on your end — you might need to run it from the command line to see if any useful errors pop up.

cool, i'll try that. thanks so much!


lovely game! rly glad 2 see something like this existing on itch. love the art direction, and the dialogue offers an ambiguous but directed commentary on trans existence in a way that rly doesnt feel like its 4 the cis eye. i like it. i also love how the dialogue options feel natural. u say wat u feel, and maybe u get hormones, maybe a convo, maybe they dont speak 2 u again. it doesnt feel like yr "winning" or "losing" convos, but exploring. maybe u werent planning for hat exactly, but i appreciate the feeling.

i kno yr looking 4 feedback as its a first game (congratulations!!!) and u made it quik, so i'll offer a technical thing u maybe already noticed, and also a personal less technical criticism:
some of the text boxes, esp for describing hormone tree options, dont fit, and i miss the whole description. its sad bc i want 2 read it so bad, i wanna lap up every word! otherwise, there was just a part on the beach where i pressed E and ended up interacting with someone way too far away, i think? it kind of ended up being poetic as a disembodied voice asked me "i thought you came here to transition?", but i think it was maybe a glitch nonetheless.

on the more personal, fuzzy end, with the hormone tree, i kind of intuited a guess at y its set up the way it is (commentary on binary transness as so biologically oriented/passing-focused in communities, and nonbinary as 'feeling' and 'fashion', maybe??) but it still felt a little...clunky? the options under "nonbinary" rubbed me weird as a nonbinary person, and idk if its a similar feeling for other binary trans ppl. maybe if yr planning 2 flesh out the world more, making the interaction clearer b/w the world and the hormone options will allow 4 a more nuanced view of wat yr doing there.

wow sry i wrote a whole wall, im just excited abt this game! im always so happy 2 see more trans ppl on itch making more games abt trans experience, esp big creative pieces like this. i hope my criticisms came off good-faith and constructive! excited to hear abt more projects if theyre coming.

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I played The Trans Zone as I was just starting to come out and it helped me understand a lot of things I had been struggling with: It addressed the gatekeeping in trans spaces that had always kept me from seeking community, and seeing transition/hormone effects laid out as a tongue-in-cheek skill tree system gave me a new framework to think about the conflicting feelings I had between my nonbinariness and my very binary gender dysphoria.

Thank you so much for putting together this beautiful, ugly, garish, understated, wry, empathetic game!

Thankyou so much for this thoughtful and genuine comment <3

I loved how the ways people talked with you changed as you transitioned -- super cool, and fun to explore! Thanks for putting this out there :)

So in any kind of game, there is very little options or discussion about the Transgender community. The fact there is a indie game that does this and shows you how various people start their transition and to expeirnce how people see it. the color scheme is different as well as the graphic style. I streamed this on my Twitch and enjoied the game alot and will pull it up now and then just to play for fun


One of the best games about trans life around. Truly unique in approach and unforgettable after a single playthrough. 

this looks super cool! nice job!

I notice the colour-scheme for everything but the city matches the trans flag. :P

This game feels like something I want to chat with the creators about. Like, what does XYZ mean, how does it relate, I want to know more.

Also, I can climb up the slightly sloped walls with ease and escape into the abyss. :P


opaque, confusing, and occasionally terrifying... just like the real thing!


This game was interesting, but I'm not really sure how to progress (is the goal to have enough hormones to fill the chart? do hormones affect gameplay?) and because of that I'm not sure if I hit the end of the content or if I just don't know how to move on.

At higher resolutions, the conversation elements and hormone menu are so tiny I can barely see them. The difficulty is compounded by the color scheme. It's been listed as high contrast, but with my eye problems, the green in the conversation menu is illegible, especially on a moving background.


Hey pal!

The game is currently built around dialogue and how transition changes the way others treat you - try talking to some characters after filling up the hormone tree! Depending on which way you transition some characters will say different things, some might not even talk to you at all.

this was a very quick game as well as my first game so ultimately, there isnt much to the game beyond exploration and dialogue - i think when we come back to it in a few months we will update it to have more content, including more areas, more characters and maybe a new system which will give the game a more clear direction.

Thanks for letting us know about these issues with the UI and the colours! i will have to look into these asap!


alternatively: all of this is more The Trans Zone than anything more functioning~~